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Thane District 7-12 Satbara Uttara Online

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Thane District 7/12 Satbara Uttara Online

Mahabhulek is the website where land records of Maharashtra state are found. The all the land records in Maharashtra is also known as 7/12 (Satbara) utara.Here in this page we are showing you results for how to see or download “satbara/8 A/Malmatta Patrak”. 7/12 Satbara uttara is the abstract from the Land Records Register for any land which describes the ownership and other details related to the land. see below instructions to see or download 7/12 uttara of Thane district

Instructions to see or download satbara 7/12 Uttara for Thane District:

Thane district comes under konkan region. There are 7 district comes under konkan namely-thane, palghar, mumbai upnagar, ratnagiri, raygad, sindhudurg. For satbara uttara of thane district go to the mahabhulekh website  “Mahsool & van vibhag”  keep records of satbara/8 A/Malmatta Patrak for all region. Click on district  name thane as shows in below image

Thane District 7-12 Satbara Uttara Online

  • Below image showing option to find “7/12 or 8 A or malmattapatrak”, click on option what you want to find
  • we select. “7/12”

Thane District 7-12 Satbara Uttara Online

  • Select the district from below district option

Thane District 7-12 Satbara Uttara Online

  • Now select “tahsil name” for district thane
  • Eg here we have selected taluka under thane district “Kalyan”

Thane District 7-12 Satbara Uttara Online

  • Here search continues with village name selection, Select appropriate village for finding satbara of your district
  • eg. Here in below image we have select  “Kolivali”

Thane District 7-12 Satbara Uttara Online

  • here as shows in below image, we get options to search 7/12 by “survey number, first name, last name, complete name,middle name”
  • Select the proper option to search satbara, eg. here we choose “survey number”
  • Select your survey  number from below choices

Thane District 7-12 Satbara Uttara Online

  • Select survey  number and press “shodha” button for finding satbara

Thane District 7-12 Satbara Uttara Online

  • here  we select proper option to proceed further
  • see below image for more details

Thane District 7-12 Satbara Uttara Online

  • Here, we get satbara for our survey  number
  • hope this example will help you to reach your search

Thane District 7-12 Satbara Uttara Online

Follow same steps for finding your 8a or malmatta patrak

Hope, these steps will help you to find your “7/12 or 8 A or malmattapatrak”

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In this Page, we have cleared how we can see the Satbara Utara  with step by step guide.

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  1. MUKESH KUMAR says

    Unable see 7/12 of Kalyan Taluka, Thane District, Maharashtra – Village -Vasundri, Survey no. 11 and 62/1

  2. manisha says

    why this site is not open?

  3. Ganesh Pawar says

    Last 4,5 days to try for want murbad taluka 7/12 but that page was not open………

  4. jaywant more says

    unable to see 7/12 exact ,village mauje panchpakhadi.takuka thane, dist thane, survey no 201,

  5. Ramesh Iyer says

    Want to see 7/12 of Kasheli 330/5 & 330/6 padmavati shilpavastu property. Unable to see… it safe to buy legally approved or not. Pls help.


    Ram Ram

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