Backward Class Welfare Scheme – Pune Municipal Corporation

Backward Class Welfare Scheme – Pune Municipal Corporation

Backward Class Welfare Scheme – Pune Municipal Corporation : Pune Municipal Cooperation(PMC)  support backward class people by various schemes. Backward Class Welfare Scheme is one of the scheme for supporting backward class peoples. Every year PMC conduct various programs under the Backward Class Welfare Scheme. The aim of these scheme is to provide basic needs of poor peoples. This scheme also provides education facilities for backward class students. Social Development Department gives various vocational training courses in N.V. Gadgil vocational training institute, V. S. Khandekar School, sahakarnagar, Vocational training Center at PMT Commercial Bldg to economically backward young peoples for make self employed. After the training young to get self employed. PMC provide Rs 10,000/- grant to individual after training. Please visit for more details about these scheme.

Backward Class Welfare Scheme - Pune Municipal Corporation
Backward Class Welfare Scheme – Pune Municipal Corporation

Important Recruitment News

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ग्रामसेवक भरती 2023-१०,००० पदांची ग्रामसेवक भरती लवकरच !!

Several welfare schemes provided by the PMC for Backward Class given below

  • Various types of vocational training for the backward class people: During the free vocational training period Social Development Department providing free bus passes facility. The age limit of these scheme is 18 – 45 years.
  • Earn and learn scheme: PMC provides these schemes for Colleges Students only. They should engaged in social activities for at least 2 hours per day. Social Development Department provde Rs 500/- subsidy for those students.
  • Bicycle allocation to the college students: Under these scheme PMC will provide bicycles for students if distance of college from the house is 2 km. Students got minimum 50% marks in the last year examination such students may eligible for these one.
  • Educational stationary grant for Municipal corporation employees who are getting dirt allowance: Those who are working in dirty area, PMC will provide Rs 5000/- for employees having maximum two children who are studying in secondary education.
  • Providing Subsidy to the Municipal servants who are getting dirt allowance for purchasing the educational material for their children –8th to 10th standard students, whose parents are Municipal employees will get Rs 5000/- grant for purchasing educational material.
  • PMC will provide education stationary for 8th to 10th standard students.
  • 10th Standard Tuition Fee: Under these scheme, PMC will provide Rs 5000/- grant for 10th private tuition who secure 50 % marks in 9th standard.
  • Study room Facility: Staff study room facility is provided for the students who are studying in standard 5th to 10th. Education stationary is also provide for these room.
  • PMC will provide Rs 10,000 grant for women and men for starting their own business. The age limit is 18 – 45 years.
  •  Library: Four libraries are provide for taking the books.Only Rs 100/- will deposit for taking books.
  • Lokshahir Annabhau Sathe education assistance plan for standard 10th students – PMC will provide Rs 15000/- grant for those students who have secured minimum 70% mark in standard 10th for their expenses of the academic year.
  • 12th Standard Private Tuition educational Subsidy: Those who students got 60% marks in 11 standard Rs 10000/- grant will provide for private tuition fee for 12th standard.
  • Dr. Moulana Abul Kalam education assistance plan: Under these scheme, PMC will provide Rs 25,000/- grant to 12th Standard students for their academic year expenses.Those who are secure 70% marks in 12 standard is eligible for these scheme.
  • Financial Assistance for 12th Standard Students for CET Examination: Student those who apply for CET Examination, will get Rs. 10000/- for CET preparation.
  • Financial Assistance For Higher Education: Student who are studying in vocational stream & have got minimum 60% marks in their last year are applicable for these scheme.
  • For Addiction Free Financial Assistance. Under these scheme, PMC will provide Rs Rs. 7000/- financial assistance to take treatment in Government or government approved De-Addiction centre. Age Limit for these scheme is 18 – 45 years.
  • PMC’s Social Development Department under the Backward Class Welfare Scheme provides 50 % food expenses of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedakar Hostel.
  • Training Centre for Competitive Examination: The aim of this scheme is to provide coaching to the graduates for the MPSC / UPSC examinations.
  • Habitation Resource Centre (Child Development Centre): These scheme was run for children. These schemes provides facilities for children.
  • Subsidy for personal water duct connection: PMC will provide Rs 5000/- subsidy for backward class peoples.
  • Subsidy for personal light connection: PMC will provide Rs 5000/- to backward class people for light connection.
  • Residence project for street children: The aim of this project is to provide residence for street children.
  • Financial aid for Accessible toilet: PMC will provide Rs. 15,000/-  to Backward citizens to build toilet.
  • Financial aid for repairing shed: PMC will give Rs 10,000/- for repairing the shed.

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Peoples can visit these official website for getting more information about these schemes.

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