Effective Strategies to Clear Descriptive Test of SBI PO Mains 2019

Effective Strategies to Clear Descriptive Test of SBI PO Mains 2019

The most effective key to scoring good marks in the Descriptive Test of SBI PO Mains exam 2019 is to write grammatically correct essay writings and letters with the right format. The perfect combination of these two important aspects can lead to success in the exam. The SBI PO Mains 2019 Descriptive Paper will require you to write an essay and a letter. Further, you will also be tested for your writing skills, general awareness and the knowledge of your language.


The Descriptive Test plays a crucial role in SBI PO Mains examination. A candidate in order to appear for the third stage of SBI PO, i.e. Interview Round, need to qualify both written exam and the Descriptive Test paper. It is to be kept in mind that if you cleared the written paper but failed in Descriptive Test, you will not be allowed to appear for the third stage of the SBI PO selection process.

How to Prepare for the Descriptive Test?

If you have good writing skills, you can clear this Descriptive Test of SBI PO efficiently and quickly. You will have to answer this test by typing on the computer after the completion of the SBI PO Mains written exam.


Before starting with your preparation of the Descriptive Test, understand some of the important guidelines about the test. These guidelines are as follows:


  • The Descriptive Test includes only two questions, one is Essay based question, and other is Letter based question.
  • The test will of 30 minutes time duration.
  • Maximum marks for this paper is 25
  • You need to type the answers through the keyboard.


For clearing the Descriptive Paper of SBI PO Mains, you need to develop a well-framed exam strategy and prepare accordingly. Let’s further discuss the important factors, which help students in clearing the paper.


  1. Essay Writing –The main purpose behind Essay Writing test is to check how coherently, you can put forward your points taking into consideration all the aspects of the topic. There are three important pillars on which you should frame your essay- choosing the right topic, knowledge of the topic and ability to convey that knowledge through words.

Check below some of the important rules to follow before writing an effective Essay:


  • After choosing a topic, write down all the points and ideas and make the framework of the essay.
  • Follow the right structure of the writing the essay. Start with the introduction of the topic by giving some general information about the same. Write something about its past or recent key developments or some facts. Remember, your introduction should be direct and relevant.
  • In the Body Part, write a detailed and exhaustive view of the topic. Garnish it with some relevant facts and figure, put forward your own points and some recent developments if you know.
  • Conclude the essay in complete sync with writing done in the introduction and the main body. If a problem is given in a topic, try to conclude it with a couple of solutions, and if an opinion is asked, conclude the essay with your opinion on the same.
  • Don’t write phrases like “I think”, “in my opinion” etc. as that will give a negative impact.
  • You should also avoid repetitive content and do not forget to proofread the whole essay to avoid any typing or grammar mistakes.
  • Write to the point and avoid irrelevant things by using examples, quotes, phrases etc.


  1. Letter Writing- The main purpose of Letter Writing is to check the candidate’s communication skills. There are two types of Letters- Formal Letter and Informal Letter. The letter you write to Bank Manager, Government Official, Academic Official is known as Formal one. If you are writing to your friend, relative or a co-worker, the letter must be an Informal one.


Take a look at the key features which you need to keep in mind before writing a Letter. These are:


  • Learn the correct format of the letter as that carries 50% weightage in the exam.
  • A letter should start and end with a proper salutation. The language should be easy and should not include nicknames.
  • Choose a topic on which you are comfortable to write.
  • Use fake name/address/pin code and avoid writing XYZ, ABC etc.
  • Write short paragraphs and keep the length of the sentences short.
  • Give a proper and correct heading to the letter.
  • The heading should be followed by a salutation/greeting and will depend upon the type of letter. Write everything at the left hand of the page and the first alphabet of the words should be in the capital.
  • Write the main topic of the letter carefully without using any adjectives.
  • In the end, write the last two lines requesting the authority/ wishing the near/dear ones etc.

Some Effective Tips for Acing the Descriptive Test

  • As you know, this Descriptive Test will be held online, so it is suggested to practice for the same in your desktop.
  • Practice as much as you can as that will increase your typing speed and boost your confidence.
  • Reread your writing, again and again, to check any mistake in it.
  • Review your writing and then try to improvise the same.
  • Read the newspaper as that will help you in improving your grammar and vocabulary part.


As there is no prescribed syllabus for SBI PO Mains Descriptive Test, you need to practice enough through every source you have.

Do practice from SBI PO mock test and question papers of previous years, to check your level of preparation and the difficulty level of the question paper.  For more information or query related to strategies for the descriptive paper of SBI PO Mains 2019, drop your comment in the comment section below.


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