Mhada Recruitment 2021 Exam Syllabus

Mhada Recruitment 2021 Exam Syllabus

Syllabus for Direct Recruitment at Mhada for the posts of  Executive Engineer, Deputy Engineer and Assistant Engineer, Junior Engineer (Civil), Asst Legal Adviser and Junior Architectural Assistant are given in this page. Candidates read the complete syllabus of Mhada Recruitment 2021 Exam and keep study for Offline Examination which will be held soon. Offline Examine will be held on Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane, Pune, Nashik, Aurangabad, Nagpur and Amravati District in Maharashtra.

Mhada Recruitment 2021 Exam Syllabus

Mhada Recruitment 2021 Syllabus

म्हाडा भर्ती २०२१ परीक्षेचा संपूर्ण अभ्यासक्रम येथे पहा

Mhada Recruitment 2021 Complete Syllabus

Mhada Recruitment 2021 Syllabus

Syllabus for Estate Manager / Administrative Officer at Mhada Recruitment 2021 Exam

(1) Principles of Management
(2) Sales Management
(3) Accounts
(4) Financial Management
(5) Management Information System (Computer)
(6) Organisation Behaviour
(7) Business Law

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दिव्यांग उमेदवारांना लेखनिक पुरविण्याबाबत सुचना व मार्गदर्शक सुचना.

Executive Engineer, Deputy Engineer and Assistant Engineer Syllabus for Mhada Recruitment 2021 Exam

  1. Mechanics : simple stress and strain relationship. Mohrs circle, simple bending theory, flexural and shear stresses, uniform torsion, buckling of column, combined and direct bending stresses.
  2. Concrete Structure : Concrete design- basic working and limit state design concepts, analysis of ultimate load capacity and design of members subjected to flexure, shear, compression and torsion by limit state methods. Basic elements of pres tress concrete.
  3. Steel Structures : Analysis and design of tension and compression members, design of plate girders and trusses, plastic
    analysis of beams and frames. Rivet and Bolted connections.
  4. Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering : Soil Classification and soil analysis. Sub surface investigations, Earth
    pressure theories effect of water table, layered soils. Stability of slopes. Foundation types- Foundation designs requirements.  Shallow and Deep foundation.
  5. Fluid Mechanics and Hydrology : Forces on immersed bodies, flow measurements in channels, tanks and pipes. Dimensional analysis and hydraulic modeling, Kinetic flow, velocity triangles and specific speed of pumps and turbines.
    Hydaulogy : Unit hydro graphs, flood estimation, reservoir capacity, reservoir and channel routing well hydraulics.
  6. Surveying : Principles and Classification, mapping concepts, coordinate system, map projectyions, measurements of distance and directions leveling, theodolite traversing, plane table surveying, errors and adjustments, curves, Advance method of surveying
  7. Enviromental Engineering : a) Water Supply : Sources of supply, design of intakes, estimation of demand, water quality
    standards, Primary and secondary treatment, maintenance of treatment units. b) Sewarage : Disposal, design of sewer and sewerage systems, pumping.
  8. Internet basics.

Mhada Recruitment Exam Syllabus 2021

Mhada Recruitment 2021 Exam Pattern

Junior Engineer (Civil) Syllabus for Mhada Recruitment 2021 Exam

  1. Mechanics : simple stress and strain relationship, simple bending theory, slopes and deflection, buckling of column.
  2. Construction Materials : Building stones, Bricks and Tiles, Cement, Lime, Timber and Wood based products, Paints and
    varnishes, Metals..
  3. Building Construction : Brick Masonary, Stone masonary, Walls, Mortars and Concretes, Form Work and scaffolding, Damp Proofing, Arches and Lintels, Doors and Windows, Roofs, Floors, Stairs, Surface Finishes and Building Planning.
  4. Concrete Technology : Ingredians of Concrete, Properties of Concrete, Water Cement Ratio, Workability, Form Work.
  5. Surveying : Chain Surveying, Campus Surveying, Levelling, theodolite traversing, Plane Table Surveying, Curves.
  6. Elements of R.C.C. Design : Reinforcement Materials, Theory of R.C.C. Beams, Columns and Slabs, Basic elements of Prestressed Concrete.
  7. Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering : Soil Classification, Soil Exploration, Stability of slopes, Bearing
    Capacity, Foundation – Shallow and Deep.
  8. Estimating and Costing : Buildings, Analysis of Rates, Valuation.
  9. Elements of Steel Structural Design : Tension Members, Compression Members, Structural Steel and Sections, Structural
    Steel Connections.
  10. Internet Basics.

Asst Legal Adviser Syllabus for Mhada Recruitment 2021 Exam

  1. Constitution of India : Article 226 and 227 of constitution of India. Fundamental Raights. Directive Principals of State Policy. Article 165. Advocate General of State Appointment of High Court Justice and Appointment of District Judges. Special Provision relating to certain classes – Article 330, 340, 341, 342. Amendment of the
    Constitution of India Article 368.
  2. MHADA Act 1976 : Dusties and Funstions of MHADA – Section 28. Power of State Govt to acquire land – Section-41. Power to purchase or Lease by Agreement-Section-52. Power to evict persons from Authority premises and Recovery of Rent 13 ar of Judisdiction of Civil Court-Section-71. Structureal Repairs-Section-88. Acuquisition of cessed property for co-operative housing society. Bar of Jurisdiction-Section-In. Authority to enforce certain contracts or Agreements-Section-179 Power to make Rule-Secion-184: Power to make Regulation-Section-185. Appointment of Competent Authority under section of..
  3. Specific Releif Act 1963 : Recovery of specific immovable property – Section-5. Contracts not specifically enforceable –
    Section – 14. Who may obtain specific performance instrument may be rectified. Cases in which specific performance contract enforceable. RTecovery of specific immovable property. Preventive Relief flow granted.
  4. The Indian Penal Code 1860 : Right to private defence of the body and or property. Definition of criminal conspiracy. Public Servant disobeying Law with intent to cause injury to any person. Public Servant unlawfully buying or bidding for propery. Illegal purchase or bid for property offered for sale by Authority of public servant. Threat to injury to public servant. Dishonest misappropriation of property. Criminal Breach of trust. Cheating. Criminal Tresspass. Forgery Making a False documents. Forgery for purpose of cheating.
  5. Indian Evidence Act : Define Admission Evidence may be given of facts in issue and relevant facts Public documents and private document. Burden of proof- whom burden proof liesEstoppel; Leading Question; When they must asked. When witness to be compelled to answer Procedure of Court in case of question beingasked without reasonable grounds Impeaching credit of witness Production of documents. Examination in chief; Cross examination and Re examination of witness. Difference between oral Evidence and Documentary Evidence.
  6. The Right to Fair Compensation and and Transperancy in Land Acquisition : Rehabilitation and Resettlement Act 2003 :
    Determination of Social Impact and public purpose Preliminary survey of land and power of officers to carry out survey. Payment of damages. Determination of amount of compensation Parameters to be considered by collector in determination of Award. What is special provision to safeguard food security. Award of Collector when to be final.
  7. The Environment (Protection) Act 1988 : Powers of Central Government to take measures to protect and improve environment.
  8. The Maharashtra Slum Area (Improvement, Clearance & Redevelopment) Act 1971 : Slum Rehabilitation Scheme
    Restriction on transfer of tenement Appoint of Competent Authority Declaration of Slum Area. Power of Competent
    Authority to require occupiers to vacate premises. Power of Styate Govt to acquire land Restoration of possession of premises vacated by tenant. Order of demolition of Bldg in certain area.
  9. The Indian Contract Act 187 :
    (i) What Agreements are Contract.
    (ii) Who are competent to contract.
    (iii) Communication, Acceptance and Revocation of proposals
    (iv) Contracts, voidable of Agreement.
    (v) Consideration
    (vi) Breach of Contract.
  10.  Transfer of Property : Movable and Immovable property
    (i) What is movable property and immovable property
    (ii) Sale – Features of sale, Deed of conveyance, Details of the contents
    (iii) Mortgage
    (iv) Lease – Features of lease, Agreement to Lease and Agreement of Lease, Period and commencement. Consideration, possession, marketable title,
    (v) Execution of lease, stamp and Registration
    (vi) Agreement of lease
    (vii) Sublease
    (viii) Renewal of lease
    (ix) Leave and Licence Agreement
    (x) Rectification, Cancellation and Confirmation
    (xi) Development Agreement
    (xii) Rights and obligation of a Developer
    (xiii) What is FSI
    (xiv) Release deed
  11. Consumer Protection Act 2019 : Definition of Consumer, Jurisdiction of the Act, Jurisdiction of the District Forum, State
    Commission and National Commission. Appeal, Limitation period, Enforcement of the orders of District Forum, State Commission and National Commission. Penalties. Appeal against the order passed under under section 27. Protection of Action taken in good faith.
  12. RERA 2016 : Promoter, Functions & duties of allottee, establishment and incorporation of Real Estate Regulatory Authority. Power to issue interim orders. Appellate Tribunal. Punishment for for failure to comply with orders of Authority by promoter,. Compounding of Offences.

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Junior Architectural Assistant Syllabus for Mhada Recruitment 2021 Exam

  1. Layout of Lands – (i) Need of layouts (ii) Acts & bylaws (iii) Main planning principles (iv) Traffic, Circulation, Road, patterns (v) Landscaping.
  2. Development Control Rules – (i) Requirement of part of building (ii) Parking spaces (iii) F.S.I. & T.D.R. (iv) Tenement density (v) Minimum sizes, width, height of habitable room
  3. Broad introduction to MRTP ACT 1966 with specific intention of development plan preparation and procedure.
  4. Various types of reservations and modes of implementation.
  5. Design concept with respective climate, energy saving, green building and variation in design as per subject user, site and topography.
  6. Specific DCR regarding high-rise building and allied clearance or necessary approval required e.g. civil aviation authority, MOEF.
  7. Plotted development schemes and site and services schemes.
  8. Special interest – (i) Prefab housing (ii) Non residential building e.g. Hospital, Auditorium, Hotels and resorts.
  9. Affordable housing concept and solutions e.g. slum rehabilitation schemes, low cost housing etc.
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Mhada Recruitment 2021 Complete Syllabus

Mhada Recruitment 2021 Syllabus

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