Mumbai 11th Admission 3rd Round started form 31st July

Mumbai 11th Admission 3rd Round started form 31st July

Nagpur bench of Bombay High Court on Wednesday ordered the decision to exclude minority quota seats online and to make available the seats for online admission. It has also been extended to include quota free seats online. Students are required to apply for the third list and the application is valid for 27 and 28 July from 11 am to 6 pm. Also, on Friday, the third available list for the list will be announced.

As per the earlier decision given by the Nagpur Bench, minority colleges have again given the quota seats handed out for centralized admissions to the colleges. However, in the hearing on the same issue, the Bench ordered the place in these house quota seats to be included in the centralized admission process as per the decision given on Wednesday. Accordingly, the Deputy Directorate has announced an updated schedule for admission. Accordingly, the list of available seats will be announced on July 27. According to the available seats in this list, students can fill the preference during the period from July 27 to 28. After the third list is announced on July 31, the students will be able to get admission in colleges from July 31 to August 2. On August 3, the list of vacant posts will be published after the third list. On August 7, the fourth quality list will be announced. There is a possibility that around 12,000 seats in vacant house in minority colleges are available for this list.

Mumbai 11th Admission 3rd Round started form 31st July- Complete Advertisement:

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MPSCकडून मेगा भरती ; तब्बल ८ हजार १६९ लिपिक पदाच्या भरतीसाठी जाहीरात जाहीर
२० हजार अंगणवाडी कर्मचाऱ्यांची भरती; जाहिरात लवकरच प्रकाशित
Talathi Bharti -राज्यात 3682 जागांसाठी तलाठी महाभरती - जिल्हानिय जाहिरात येथे पहा
मुंबई महापालिकेमार्फत लवकरच पाच हजार आशासेविकांची भरती!
राज्याच्या वनविभागात 9640 जागांसाठी भरती
आरोग्य विभागात १० हजार पदांची भरती, वेळापत्रक जाहीर
मेगा भरती - ७५ हजार पदे भरण्याचा मार्ग मोकळा
जिल्हा परिषद भरती अपडेट -जिल्हा परिषद पदभरतीचा मार्ग मोकळा
सार्वजनिक बांधकाम विभाग भरती -रिक्त पदे सरळसेवेने भरण्यात येणार !!
ग्रामसेवक भरती 2023-१०,००० पदांची ग्रामसेवक भरती लवकरच !!

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