MyGov Internship Bharti 2021

MyGov Internship Bharti 2021

MyGov Internship 2021 Opportunity: If you are looking for an internship somewhere, the Central Government has come up with an opportunity for you. You have the opportunity to work on My Gov’s Citizen Engagement Platform. The internship program is full-time and offers young people experience of global training in government policy and management. If you are currently studying or have just graduated, this is the good opportunity for you. Read the below given details carefully and apply as per the instruction:

What is MyGov? – MyGov is the central government’s public platform. Where it works to create awareness among the people about the schemes being run by the government and various departments. The government’s welfare schemes are promoted through social media and offline. In addition, MyGov works to get people to respond and participate in government programs.

काय आहे  MyGov?-  MyGov हे केंद्र सरकारचं सार्वजनिक व्यासपीठ आहे. ज्याठिकाणी सरकार आणि विविध खात्याकडून चालवण्यात येत असलेल्या योजनांबद्दल लोकांमध्ये जागरुकता निर्माण करण्याचं काम करते. सोशल मीडिया आणि ऑफलाईन माध्यमातून सरकारच्या कल्याणकारी योजनांचा प्रचार केला जातो. त्याशिवाय लोकांचा प्रतिसाद आणि सरकारी कार्यक्रमात त्यांचा सहभाग करुन घेण्यासाठी MyGov काम करतं.

सरकारसोबत काम करण्याची सुवर्णसंधी; MyGov मध्ये इंटर्नची भरती

  • केंद्र सरकारनं My Gov च्या माध्यमातून मंत्रालयाची जनहित धोरणं, लोकांचा प्रतिसाद आणि सरकारच्या विविध कार्यक्रमात लोकांचा सहभाग करुन घेण्यासाठी हे व्यासपीठ आणलं आहे. जर तुम्ही एखाद्या ठिकाणी इंटर्नशिप करण्याची प्रतिक्षा करत असाल तर तुमच्यासाठी केंद्र सरकार संधी घेऊन आलं आहे. My Gov च्या सिटिजन एगेंजमेंट प्लॅटफॉर्मवर तुम्हाला काम करण्याची संधी आहे.
  • केंद्र सरकारच्या फ्लॅगशिप योजनेतंर्गत विविध मंत्रालय आणि खात्यांमध्ये तुम्हाला काम करता येऊ शकतं. सरकारने युवकांना केंद्रस्थानी ठेऊन ही योजना सुरु केली आहे.My Gov हे एकमेव व्यासपीठ आहे ज्याठिकाणी कोविड काळात विश्वासार्ह माहिती. ताज्या आणि अधिकृत घडामोडी उपलब्ध होत होत्या. My Gov तुम्हाला सरकारसोबत काम करण्याची संधी देत आहे.

MyGov इंटर्नच्या शोधात  Eligibility Criteria And Responsibility 

  • भूमिका आणि जबाबदारी – हा इंटर्नशिप कार्यक्रम पूर्ण वेळेसाठी असून त्यात सरकारी धोरणांबाबत, व्यवस्थापन यावर जागतिक प्रशिक्षणाचा अनुभव युवकांना घेता येईल. जर तुम्ही सध्या शिकत असाल किंवा नुकतेच पदवीचं शिक्षण घेतलं असेल तर ही संधी तुमच्यासाठी आहे.
  • व्यवस्थापन टीमचा भाग बनून तुम्हाला MyGov कडून धोरणात्मक पॉलिसी लोकांपर्यंत पोहचवणे. सोशल मीडिया, रिसर्च, क्रिएटीव्ह टीममध्ये तुम्हाला काम करता येईल. उत्तम लिखाण कौशल्य, सोशल मीडियाची माहिती असणे गरजेचे आहे.
  • ग्राफिक्स डिझाईन, लोगो, बॅनर्स वेबसाईट आणि सोशल मीडियासाठी बनवणं. तसेच MyGov ची तांत्रिक बाजू सांभाळण्यासाठी आयटी, सॉफ्टवेअरची माहिती असणाऱ्या युवकांची गरज आहे. इंटर्नशिप करण्यासाठी तुमच्याकडे संवाद आणि लिखाण कौशल्य हवं. सोशल मीडिया, संगणक याबद्दल माहिती असावी.
  • २ महिन्यासाठी ही इंटर्नशिप असेल, उमेदवाराचं काम बघून ती पुढे वाढवता येऊ शकते. ज्या विभागात काम करणार आहे त्याठिकाणची वेळ पाळणे बंधनकारक आहे. या कामासाठी कुठलाही आर्थिक मोबदला दिला जाणार नाही. तर इंटर्नशिप केल्याचं प्रमाणपत्र देण्यात येईल.

About MyGov

  1. MyGov is the citizen engagement platform of the Government of India (GoI). Our mandate is to highlight the positive key/flagship schemes of the GoI and its many Ministries and Departments; and engage with our users (‘Saathis’) through various youth-centric online and offline engagements (‘Activities’). We also partner with different Ministries in order to promote their various policies, collect public feedback and ensure citizen participation in various government programmes.
  2. It is also a trusted platform for citizens, when it comes to important government news – for example, during these challenging times, MyGov is one of the first platforms to which, young and older netizens turn for the latest, authentic news about Covid.
  3. MyGov offers a chance of being involved in Government. It is an exciting opportunity to gain an insight into citizen engagement with Government.
  4. MyGov is now looking to hire Interns.

Roles and responsibilities of Interns in My Gov

  • The Internship engagement is full-time and is designed to be a world class learning experience for the Internee, mentored by seasoned policy, management and communication experts. If you are an under-graduate student looking to add to your learning, or a recent Graduate ready to add this Internship to your portfolio, this is the opportunity for you.

The areas proposed are –

  • Management Team involved in the overall functioning of MyGov. Requires managerial and coordination skills as well as an understanding of public policy.
  • Partnerships Team involved in engagements with different Ministries. Requires strong interpersonal skills, and understanding of public policy.
  • Social Media, Research and Creative Team involved in information dissemination through the website and social media. Requires a policy background, research ability and good writing skills.
  • HR Team involved in recruitment and daily HR operational activities.
  • Graphics Designing involved in designing infographics, logos, banners etc. for the website and social media. Requires design training in this area.
  • IT/Tech-development and Software Testing involved in proving tech support to the MyGov platform. Requires appropriate skills in these fields.

Require Qualification at My Gov Internship 2021

  1. Undergraduate or a graduate
  2. Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  3. Proficiency in Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Presentations, Social Media Tools, Computer graphics designing
  4. Eager to learn and work and desire to innovate and excel

Duration of Internship in MyGov

  1. The minimum duration of internship shall be two months from the date of joining, extendable depending on the performance of the candidate, requirement of the Department and time the intern is willing to spend with the Department.
  2. Code of Conduct –The Intern appointed by MyGov shall observe MyGov standard Code of Conduct – which shall be shared before the selected intern joins.

Remuneration of Inters at MyGov

  1. There is no cash remuneration. A certificate of internship will be issued on successful completion.

Certificate of Internship by MyGov

  1. A certificate of internship will be issued by MyGov on the competition of Internship and submission of report duly countersigned and accepted by the Competent Authority.

Apply for Internship Through My Gov

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