PMC Disability Welfare Scheme

PMC Disability Welfare Scheme

PMC Disability Welfare Scheme – Pune Municipal Cooperation(PMC)  support disabled people by various schemes. Disability Welfare Scheme is the one of the scheme for Person with Disabilities provided by PMC. The aim of this scheme is giving employment opportunities to handicapped and enable them to lead an independent life. This scheme providing financial aid for hearing aid, wheelchair and tricycle. Out of total disabled population only two percent disabled people was educated in our Country. Also the employment rate of the disabled is 1 per cent. Nowadays PMC taken steps to lead disabled people to normal life. For more details about these schemes please visit the official website

PMC Disability Welfare Scheme

Important Recruitment News

MPSCकडून मेगा भरती ; तब्बल ८ हजार १६९ लिपिक पदाच्या भरतीसाठी जाहीरात जाहीर
२० हजार अंगणवाडी कर्मचाऱ्यांची भरती; जाहिरात लवकरच प्रकाशित
Talathi Bharti -राज्यात 3682 जागांसाठी तलाठी महाभरती - जिल्हानिय जाहिरात येथे पहा
मुंबई महापालिकेमार्फत लवकरच पाच हजार आशासेविकांची भरती!
राज्याच्या वनविभागात 9640 जागांसाठी भरती
आरोग्य विभागात १० हजार पदांची भरती, वेळापत्रक जाहीर
मेगा भरती - ७५ हजार पदे भरण्याचा मार्ग मोकळा
जिल्हा परिषद भरती अपडेट -जिल्हा परिषद पदभरतीचा मार्ग मोकळा
सार्वजनिक बांधकाम विभाग भरती -रिक्त पदे सरळसेवेने भरण्यात येणार !!
ग्रामसेवक भरती 2023-१०,००० पदांची ग्रामसेवक भरती लवकरच !!

Several welfare schemes provided by the PMC for Disabled People given below

  • Grant for higher education: Under these scheme, PMC will provide financial aid to the disabled students for taking the higher education like Engineering, Medicine, law etc. For higher education every year Rs 10000/- grant will be given to those students who are getting pass marks each year.
  • Grant for Vocational training: PMC also provide grant of Rs 10,000 for every disabled those who completed their vocational training from government approved training centers.
  • Financial aid for Prosthetic device to the disabled: The disabled people can buy wheel chair, prosthetic leg, hearing aid, etc. form this scheme. PMC will provide a sum of Rs. 20 thousand for each disabled person.
  • Financial assistance for self-employment to Disabled people: Only one percent disabled peoples are employed. Unemployment is the major problem for disabled persons. These scheme provide Rs 5000/- for those peoples. Age limit for these schemes is 18 – 40 years.
  • Free bus pass scheme: Under this scheme annual free bus pass is provided to all types of disabled people living in PMC area. The amount paid every year to the PMPML.

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