Vishva Bharti Kaushal Vikas Mission Recruitment

Vishva Bharti Kaushal Vikas Mission Recruitment Advertisement – Published an Recruitment advertisement for the 3052 posts at Vishva Bharti Kaushal Vikas Mission. Vishva Bharti Kaushal Vikas Mission invited application for various posts of Skill Development Trainer, Skill Centre Development Officer, Centre Coordinator, Marketing Consultant etc., This Advertisement published on various daily newspaper, we are not sure about this mega recruitment so that we suggested the candidate please to not hurry to apply for these posts at Maharashtra Vishva Bharti Kaushal Vikas Mission. Please verify through the proper source before applying to this recruitment. Be wary of fake advertisements like this.

कृपया सावधान यह विज्ञापन FAKE हो सकता है, अभी अप्लिकेश करनेकी जल्दबाजी न करे. यह विज्ञापन जाली होने की संभावना है, किसी भी झुटे विज्ञापन के शिकार मत होना. झूठे विज्ञापनों से सावधान रहें..

Advertisement published on Newspaper –

Vishva Bharti Kaushal Vikas Mission Recruitment Advertisement
Vishva Bharti Kaushal Vikas Mission Recruitment Advertisement

Important Recruitment News

MPSCकडून मेगा भरती ; तब्बल ८ हजार १६९ लिपिक पदाच्या भरतीसाठी जाहीरात जाहीर
२० हजार अंगणवाडी कर्मचाऱ्यांची भरती; जाहिरात लवकरच प्रकाशित
Talathi Bharti -राज्यात 3682 जागांसाठी तलाठी महाभरती - जिल्हानिय जाहिरात येथे पहा
मुंबई महापालिकेमार्फत लवकरच पाच हजार आशासेविकांची भरती!
राज्याच्या वनविभागात 9640 जागांसाठी भरती
आरोग्य विभागात १० हजार पदांची भरती, वेळापत्रक जाहीर
मेगा भरती - ७५ हजार पदे भरण्याचा मार्ग मोकळा
जिल्हा परिषद भरती अपडेट -जिल्हा परिषद पदभरतीचा मार्ग मोकळा
सार्वजनिक बांधकाम विभाग भरती -रिक्त पदे सरळसेवेने भरण्यात येणार !!
ग्रामसेवक भरती 2023-१०,००० पदांची ग्रामसेवक भरती लवकरच !! About Vishva Bharti Kaushal Vikas Mission

Vishva Bharti Kaushal Vikas Mission is the institute registered by the government, which is working as a self-help organization in the field of education.The Vishva Bharti Kaushal Vikas Mission is a voluntary non-profit organization of the country. The Vishva Bharti Kaushal Vikas Mission was established in August 2015 with a strong passion. The work area of ​​the institute is the entire India year and the purpose of which is to work in the field of education and to educate the young people in the education sector through employment education for employment oriented education,Working for skilled education, linking education to employment, cooperating in the development of sports, working in the education sector for the backward classes of society, contributing to the creation of a better India. The organization provides a platform for socially conscious students and young professionals Through the education of the society, to provide awareness of the importance of education from time to time, and to work for employment efficiency for the youth through education missions, social uplift by new experiments in education. Promotes. Purpose of institution Providing better education to talented students and making them successful in the field of employment and research.*There is no shortage of talented students in our country, talent is full of food in every year in our birthplace India, but for any reason due to caste due to the economic reason, talent of talented students is neither real nor talented No one can evaluate it and no one can give it a background where it can be considered as a person of iron.* At present, there are many educational institutions in our country which are helping talented students to provide better education in the future, but it is the misfortune of our country or the students who do not get help* Anyway, our country is the second largest country in the world, according to the population, the support of some institutions in such a large population is in the same way as the pond in front of the sea.The objective of establishing our institution is that if possible, the size of the pond should be greatly increased so that more students can get the benefit.* Our objective is to make a small effort of our organization to help improve the future of any student.Under this initiative, the institute will provide all kinds of education scholarships to the students.* The institute will give scholarships to every student who is eligible for scholarship and is required for education.The Institute will encourage competitive students and provide scholarships from time to time by imposing competitive examinations.The institute will provide scholarships to educated unemployed for competitive examination, government job preparation and higher education.* The institute will provide support and scholarship assistance to the talented students for preparing all types of competition examinations / entrance exams.The institute also provides training centers for rural and urban areas for teaching free and talented students for free or for a very short fee* Institution will provide training centers for technical development and economic development and social development / for this, from time to time, educational institutions selected by the institute will be given financial assistance from our institute. Books will be distributed for free library development. * The objective of the institute is that no student of my country will stop in his academic development due to social and economic reasons, the institute will be ready to assist all the students as far as possible

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