Women and Child Welfare Scheme by PMC

Women and Child Welfare Scheme by PMC

Pune Municipal Corporation supports women and children by various schemes. Women and Child welfare scheme is also one scheme for supporting women and children. PMC provides a lots of schemes nowadays for various categories. Women and Child Welfare Scheme helps to women for self employed. These scheme was very useful for women. For more details about these scheme visit the official website www.pmc.gov.in.

Women and Child Welfare Scheme by PMC
Women and Child Welfare Scheme by PMC

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Various Schemes provides PMC with Women and Child Welfare Scheme are given below

  • Vocational Training for Women: Under these scheme, PMC will provide free vocational/ skilled training for girls & women. The age limit for these scheme is 15 t0 45 years. Free bus pass facility is provided to the students. Selected students have to deposit Rs 500/ at the time of admission. After the training the deposit amount will refund. Tool kit is also provided to students after completion of skill training.
  • Self Employment: PMC will provides Rs 5000/- subsidy to women for self employment. More preference to SHG members. Age limit for scheme is 18 to 45 years.
  • Entrepreneurship Development Program for Women:  In this training, various self employment skills will provided. Age between 18 to 45 years is eligible for these scheme.
  • Revolving funds for SHGs, those who have completed one year : A revolving fund of Rs. 1000/- per member is given to the self help group formulated under Social Development Department and who have completed one year.
  • Training for Residential Community Volunteer(RCV) :  This scheme is for SHG members. The SHG who have completed one year and have maintained SHG record properly are eligible for this scheme.
  • Financial Assistance for 10th std. Students : This scheme provides Rs 2000/- for 10th standard students for private coaching class. Those who girl students secured 50% marks in 9th std will eligible for these one. SHG members are given to preference.
  • Financial assistance for 12th students: Students, who secure 60% marks in 11th std., could get financial assistance for private coaching class. The financial assistance is up to Rs 10000/-.
  • Financial assistance for C. E. T. Examination: Student those who apply for CET Examination, will get Rs. 10000/- for CET preparation.
  • Financial Assistance for Higher Education : PMC will provide Rs 10,000/- for higher education such as Medicine, Engineering, MBA etc every year in the duration of course.
  • Earn & Learn : Students have to spend two hours in the Social welfare activity. They get Rs. 500/- p.m. as a financial assistance.
  • Financial Assistance to students whose parents are in PMC: PMC will provide financial assistance to purchase study materials for every year to girl student’s studing in 8th to 10th std.
  • Child Development Centre : These scheme was run for children.These centers are for children who are between 6 to 13 age group.
  • Yoga Class : The yoga classes are conducted for women’s health. Working hours for these classes are in morning & in afternoon.
  • Widow Subsidy : This scheme is for those women whose husband has died after 13th Feb 2007.
  • Family Planning surgery scheme for SHG members:  Those SHG members planned and under gone family planning surgery after the birth of one or two girl child, Rs. 5000/- each is invested in Unit Trust of India’s growth fund for 18 years.
  • Baby Care Centre : This scheme is very useful for parents. This scheme will give security to babies. Age group is from 3 months to 5 years, the timing is 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. For municipal employee, Rs. 100/- & for other citizens, Rs. 150/- is charged as a fees.
  • Library : Library is very important for nowadays. Students get more knowledge from reading habits. Library is started for the poor peoples.
  • Kanyaratna Scheme : This scheme is for girl child of below poverty line families.
  • Subsidy for SHG, those are manufacturing paper bags : Those are manufacturing paper bags will provide subsidy and also given training.
  • Women Empowerment Centers : It is about building a more robust, stable and powerful society.
  • Self Defense Training for Women : Self defense training is organized by UCD Dept. Self Defense training will give self confidence to women.
  • Girl Child adoption Scheme : Aim of this scheme is to increase female number and to restrict abortion of female fetus. Nowadays birth rate of girl child is decreasing day by day in our country. So objective of these scheme is to increase the female number.

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